At the end of April, we've decided to put SkinBet in maintenance and shut down until our big updates are ready. Now as June begins, we completely removed access to the site as some of you still deposited even though we've been offline for a really long time.

As you may have seen on our Yearly Report, we have suffered a lot of monetary losses towards the end of 2021, multiple, trusted people have betrayed the trust we have built over the years in some cases. SkinBet, in it's current state is not worth to maintain, we're only losing month after month on expenses, staff payments, sponsor payments, giveaways, bonuses and everything else. We'd rather put those funds aside and reopen with the CSGO & Rust Case Battles we have planned for the Summer of 2022.

Until then, when you visit SkinBet you'll see this message and you can keep an eye on us over at @SkinBetGG on Twitter to always be up to date on our updates.

These updates will be big, we're once again changing directions and we'll focus on CSGO & Rust Case Battles and Case Opening, with a new Jackpot Design, new Level and a new Affiliate System. Our rewards, the ones we had to lower, will all come back in one form or another and our sponsors will come back too on our grand re-opening. The rewards we'll be giving will be greater than our competition, just like before.

Taking these few months off will also help us to get the energy back we need to make sure we run a tight operation, most of us will be back this summer with the biggest updates SkinBet has ever seen.

With this Case Battle system, we'll have a proper Skin Store so you can actually withdraw CSGO and probably Rust skins - and we'll have a bunch of other exciting updates too.

Keep checking our Twitter for Giveaways and more, soon you can also subscribe to our newsletter below where we'll be doing code drops and giveaways as we reopen.

Stay positive and we'll meet again really soon, enjoy the good weather until then!

- SkinBet Staff

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